Just some thoughts


I’m here at my laptop, sipping on some tea, and realise how good I have it.

Life isn’t as crazy I think it always is. I don’t have to be anxious about the future.

Thinking about what I’m grateful for and all the things I already possess that will set me up to succeed gives me motivation.

I need to hold onto this moment of mental relaxation as I’m sure it won’t last much longer…

Reflection = Relaxation + Motivation. Noted!

Model behaviour

Hey, hey to everyone reading this blog. You’ve been very patient! Thank you! I’ve had my days of totally avoiding social media to having a full “pig out” sessions, completely letting it distract me from life. But I’m back, with a plan to be more focused and in general to get better at the things I enjoy doing. I enjoy this quite a bit, I just worry about how to start. And then one thing leads to another and I’ve put off writing a blog for almost half a year! So again, I thank you for being here and truely hope I’m a positive influence or at least an entertaining read.

So, with an introduction like that you can tell I get quite easily distracted watching the fancy and glamorous lives of the people of instagram. I hate to admit it but social media can get the best of me at times. In the past, I saw I was comparing myself to how the other people looked online – and we all know, we only show what we want to. If one is not careful, it can be dangerous. In the sense that it can distort your view on reality and may even result in some sort of self destruction; whether it be negative thoughts or as far as even physical self harm/ body dismorphia.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I get my dose of reality from, ironiclly enough, from the amazing handful of humans I follow on social media. It took me a while to figure out who is actually amazing and who is just faking it (not in a good way). I also had to realise that my role models might not be the same for everyone else – and it’s ok!

It took a bit to delete some apps and unfollow a few (ok, alot) of toxic people/pages but I’ve gotten to a place where I love my body, life and the people I choose to have in my close circle. Even just repeating that last sentence out loud makes me feel empowered. I CHOOSE who I share my life with. I CHOOSE to surround myself with loving and positive vibes. I CHOOSE to have less energy spent on people who don’t respect me or are constantly being negative. Social media can be a nasty place, but if it’s used for it’s original purpose (connecting people, spreading positivity, etc.) it’s a great place to be.

The online community you dip into is important. It should be a mix between people/pages that challenge your ideas or people/pages you can totally relate to. I’ve narrowed a little list of my favourites down to 4-5, which I will share below. Now, again, I know not everyone will have the same opinion… so let me know down below in the comments who your top favourite positive influences are!

  1. Robine Nina. She’s Swiss, she blogs about her life adventures and most importantly, she comes across as a really down to earth kind gal – which can be rare these days!Robine Nina
  2. Sonny Turner. She’s so real about her own body hang ups but isn’t afraid to show her body confidence. She let’s us know that you’re allowed to be both a work in progress and also a masterpiece simultaneously. Sonny Turner
  3. Lateicia Thomas. She’s young and ambitious. She’s making all other Aussies living abroad super proud and in some ways I feel like I can relate to her about how much she loves to dance to music around her apartment when she’s in a good mood.Laticia Thomas
  4. Abby Pollock. She’s continueously giving out free fitness and biology lessons on her YouTube channel and talks a lot about mental health in the fitness community. I like how she is not like the “others” of the fitness community, I get a feeling she genuinely wants to help others correct their training.img_0482
  5. Gary Vaynerchuck. Just to throw a curve ball in, I decided to include him to the list. He is definitely one to just cut through any bullshit and thrive on good vibes. He’s loud and sometimes talks over others but his messages are positive and pure.img_0481

Can I just say…

To the writers of Grey’s Anatomy,

Thank you!

Thank you for the scenes of when Meredith Grey dances her anxiety, fears and sadness away to one her favourite songs. For everyone like myself, who might happen to be in a bad mood from time to time, (okay, maybe even a whole week) can appreciate the way Grey manages to just let it go.


It’s genius really. So simple yet effective. Trust me, I’ve tried it!

Sometimes when I’m feeling like shit, it’s hard to remember about the better days. It can feel like everything is harder to be happy and grateful for. It spirals out of control and I even feel like simple tasks at work are a test to see how I perform. I then worry that I’m a part of a joke I don’t know about. I worry that my relationship has meant nothing, or worse, it had all been a game.

But then… I start putting myself in the shoes of famous people celebrities and characters. Weird, but it works. I think about “what would Ashley Graham/ Beyoncé/ Meredith Grey do?” I think of my problem or worry and picture in my mind how they would react and resolve the issue I’m stressing about. Out of the many situations I can think up, I tend to land on Meredith Grey quite often. I remember how that even after so much tragedy, drama and loosing her husband, she still manages to have her life in order. Yes, I know she’s just a TV show character… I think of how she just dances away her pain and moves on with her life simply by dancing. I love it.

She literally just puts one of her favourite songs on and starts to move. She jumps around mostly. But it’s to the beat. And she drops her bad mood right then and there. She leaves her problems on the floor of where ever it is she decides to dance. It’s genius and pure magic. If it works for Meredith Grey and it works for me, I wonder if it works for everybody? I wonder how different everyone’s lives would be if it was mandatory to dance it out every night before bed and then then dance it out again in the morning just to make sure you leave your house in a good mood. Hmm, well that’s some food for thought!

Well, that’s one of my secret (now, not so secret) ways of dealing with life problems or just a small moment of anxious-ness. Comment below if you’ve tried this and love to dance it out too! I’m curious to find out…



13 songs guaranteed to make you feel good

There’s this thing that music can do to you, and what love the most is that it can change your mood. It makes you feel things you maybe never thought you felt before, it can also take you to a deep fantasy or just have a tune that gets stuck in your head on loop!

Of course I could make a list of over 100, I’ve looked through my latest playlist to try and narrow it down to the few songs that really make me happy. I loose focus of anything else going on around me and just enjoy the sound and lyric. If one of these songs were to be played in a bar or club – they are the reason I would then buy another round and hit the dance floor…

This list is of  my personal favourite songs that make me feel happy or ready to party (even if that party is just for me at home while cleaning the apartment in my underwear…) in no particular order:

  1. My Love ft. Jess Glynne – Route 94. This song is a bit slow but gently gets me in the mood to move around. House and great vocals. What more could you want?!
  2. Hotline Bling – Drake. It probably get’s on your nerves if you’re a person who listens to radio day in and out, but for me, it’s fun, chill and you can always break out your worst dance moves in clubs and people think you’re trying to imitate Drake. To this song, anything goes.
  3. Latch ft. Sam Smith – Disclosure. It’s sexy just because of Sam Smith alone, but I like the music also. Beware, the chorus is catchy…
  4. Or Nah ft. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard – Ty Dolla $ign. This song is definately one to get your hips moving to… again sexy and slow but also a bonus for having such dirty lyrics.
  5. Tried to – TAPES. “I’ll take care of you…” Actually a Drake song but remixed in a way you wouldn’t think it’s Drake. I love it!
  6. Move Your Feet – Junior Senior. For millennials, this may be considered “old school”… It sounds like Beastie Boys but somewhat more suitable for children.
  7. Night Riders ft. Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Pusha T & Mad Cobra – Major Lazer. Amazing beats. I love imagining some sort of twerk choreography to this. Dancing to this makes me feel bad ass!
  8. Say It ft. Tove Lo – Flume. I love the vocals. Slow build but again, feels ok to dance to this anyway you want. Which is good for anyone who can’t really dance…like me!
  9. Be Right There – Diplo & Sleepy Tom. Diplo is one of my all time favourite DJs. So of course at least one of his songs must be on this list!
  10. Fade – Kanye West. For anyone who hasn’t seen the video for this; you need to! The video catches your eye but the music keeps you coming back for more.
  11. 7/11 – Beyonce. Again an amazing video! Apparently she filmed it while on holiday with a very basic camera. Dance like Beyonce does in her bed and bathroom. Who hasn’t pretended to Queen B at least once in their lives already…
  12. Do Your Thing – Basement Jaxx. Classic and catchy. Basement Jaxx also makes many other great songs. I just felt like it’s the one everyone knows and loves.
  13. No More – Shlohmo & Jeremih. I have start off with how much I love Shlohmo. He is amazing! Jeremih and Shlohmo have done a handful of songs together and I also love all of those songs too! So for me, personally, if I hear some song I know and love (even if it’s not as upbeat) it makes me happy! That’s why this song is on the list!

That’s it for now. Maybe I should get working on that 100 song list for another time..

If you also love these songs, or have a few more you would add, let me know below!

And it was all YELLOW…

This is one of the first things I wanted to blog about when I first got started here: the big trend for summer 2017. It’s yellow! Think of a fresh, beautiful, zesty shade of yellow… Why is it relevant? Because lets face it, summer is nearly over (no summer, don’t leave me!) and its important, now more than ever, to squeeze whatever is left of it out of the tube before autumn rolls in.

At the start of June, I was wandering around Globus (in Luzern) having a look at things I can’t afford (which is a hobby of mine) then I saw it; I fell in love! The Maison Mollerus shopping tote in lemon, is still a bag I lust for and am yet to own. And that’s it really. That is the story of how I knew yellow is the colour for summer this year.
To shop: Maison Mollerus “ZUERICH” Shopper

Now among the many outfit ideas I was then creating in my mind around how I would style the bag with an everyday “Gill” outfit, I was thinking of all the other things in yellow that I might otherwise be actually able to afford… and that was ASOS. They have cute and mostly affordable designs that every woman can wear. (I totally love their wide range of ASOS Curve & Plussize clothes!) One of the many things that caught my eye:

To shop: ASOS Off Shoulder Sundress 

How cute is this? Perfect for a hot summer’s day. Or even for the short commute to work. It would definitely make me a little more excited to get changed out of my hot work clothes into this after a shift. (I’m a pastry chef by trade…)

Or there is also this simple top, (below), which is easily pairable with some shorts or skirt. I like the idea of keeping the bottoms in white. It keeps the look light and effortlessly chic. Oh, and those red lips! Very cute, yet something I personally don’t feel like I could pull off for a “day time” outfit. Nevertheless, I’ve now made a mental note to try red lips again soon…

To Shop: Zara Metallic Button T-shirt

So… you get the idea. I love yellow. Yellow is nice. Yellow is the colour of summer. Bright, fun and probably can be incorporated into the rest of the year. Hmmm.. do I predict rain/trench coats, gumboots, scarves in yellow for autumn and winter? I guess we will find out in the next couple of months!

x Gill Tonic