You do you

Over the few past few months I’ve noticed that my wardrobe has been looking a bit dull. It’s made me want to try and change it up a bit more. I remember to back when I was younger, I used to be a bit more crazier in the way used to dress. Prints. Stripes. You name it, I tried it. Way back when I owned a lot of Black Milk Clothing , I got people staring at me because I stuck out too much. As a young 18-year-old girl it sometimes felt like it was the wrong sort of attention. So I went into hiding…under the sea of black, navy and grey! (I’m not trying to say Black Milk was the problem, more the problem was that I was not yet confident enough to ignore the stares/looks I got!)

Now maybe it’s a coincidence but I think it has also something to do with the fact that I’ve been living for the past eight years in Switzerland. One might just start to learn how to blend in a little too well… I was sick of being noticed as an “outsider”, soon after, being asked as to when I’m going back to Australia.

Now nearly turning 26, I realise to not take everything so seriously! Yes, people can be nosey, but it doesnt mean you have to explain yourself. You can have style and you can be glam BUT you can also wear tie-dye T-shirt and tracksuit pants if you want, without having to have a reason. It’s all about getting that balance and I guess. I was going to turn into one of these long preaching moments of mine, but I know aint nobody got time fo dat that! Moving onto the highlight of my week:


I just bought a pair of MoonBoots. Which are crazy enough as they are on their own but they are in the color; lime green. Trying these bad boys on, I felt how comfortable they are. They are super soft and don’t match with anything in my closet but I love them! It’s nearly real spring weather but I’m secretly (not so secretly) hoping for some snow to wear these boots out in. I recommend them! Galaxus is having a sale here, if it was the price that was stopping you..

Signing off now, that’s it for my latest little update. I’m going to enjoy the rest of my night covered in face mask and having some soup aka, I’m doing me!

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