5 of my favourite songs right now

These songs were all heavily influenced by how much Australian radio stations played them and how every time I heard them, they made me want to dance! That’s basically how most songs get to be a favourite of mine (if they are cool and dance-able).

  1. Dua Lipa – New Rules. Firstly, I’ve always loved her voice (Last Dance is my all time favourite) and the film clip is cool and quirky. The chorus is quick and although hard to understand its fun to try to sing a long to/ guess what she’s saying. Btw, she sings: “I got new rules, I count ’em. I got to tell them to myself”
  2. Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos. Sexy and catchy. It’s the kind of song to dance around a kitchen in an oversized shirt to while making dinner. Yes? Qui!
  3. Sam Hunt – Body Like A Back Road. This is 2017’s country hit song. Now, I’m not usually one to love a country song but this is cute and cheesy. Which is a combination. Like a cheese toastie. It reminds me of when Kid Rock sang All Summer Long and it became a hit and everyone loved it!
  4. Lauv – I Like Me Better. It’s a cute love song and fun to sing along to at the top of your lungs while driving down the Bruce Highway.. It also is relatable to anyone else who has had/ is in a loving, supportive relationship. Oh, the feels!
  5. DJ Snake – A Different Way ft. Lauv. Again another love song with Lauv. Coincidence I’m not sure, because for most of the times I heard this I was convinced it was Adam Levine! This song is definitely dance-able and catchy, I especially love the Reggaeton vibes which sound also a little like Major Lazer.

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